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Type Webbased
Ondersteunde standaarden COSO, RISMAN, ISO 31000

Risk assessment and risk analysis: couldn’t it be easier?

Assessing risks in the organisation takes time – days – if you want to question everybody. It is, however, simply essential to undergo this, as it is your colleagues who can provide insight into the risks.

Obtaining your information online and with easy accessibility

NARIS® Clinic makes internal risk assessment easy and efficient. You create an online discussion group and provide the relevant colleagues with access. They can then enter the risks when and where it suits them best.

In the next step, all the information is gathered. With the colleagues you have selected, you review and discuss within the platform the relevance and weight of the risks entered.

This creates a complete and nuanced quantified risk profile. Based on the round of discussions, you can convert the risks directly in NARIS® Risk and link them to the management measures.