Steps towards greater insight

Step 1

Import and integrate different risk & control frameworks, such as BIO, ISO27001, NEST

Step 2

Determine high risk processes, applications and create an annual plan

Step 3

Conduct in-depth risk analysis for the measures with risk and impact analysis, audits, tests and reviews

Step 4

Record results in risk inventory and risk acceptance agreement

Step 5

Monitor the follow-up of recommendations

Three Lines Model


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Build or Import Control Framework

Save time on the design of your audit by using standard templates based on standards (including ISO31000, 27001/27002/90001, NEST), frameworks (NOREA) and laws and regulations (AVG, BIO). With NARIS Next, you start with what other organizations have already developed and you can focus on making controls specific.

Involve the Organisation with Risk Dialogue

A good dialogue works better than just doing a control risk self-assessment. NARIS Next includes a knowledge database from which you can quickly select the right set of risks and controls. It offers the possibility to chat interactively about cause, event and effect. By subsequently estimating the probability and impact, support is created for the priorities. This leaves more time for data analysis and focus on the organizational units that are less in control.

Activity Management

In order to collect evidence, you can use NARIS Next to periodically send questionnaires or checklists within your organization. Risk and impact analyses, audits, tests and reviews, and issue tracking also produce recommendations. In some organizations, the reservoir of energy is drained by these tasks. With NARIS Next, an overview is kept of the open recommendations and the activities are monitored.


Try it yourself for 30 days free of charge, no strings attached

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