Risk management housing corporations



Risk and control

Frameworks are built or imported so that standardized information collection from the various organizational units of housing corporations is improved.


Knowledge database

A knowledge database keeps processes in order by creating insight into the key risks for various processes and themes such as fraud, information security, and financial risks within housing corporations.


Compliance and Privacy

When building and importing a legal or privacy control framework, awareness of risks is increased within a housing association. PIAs or DPIAs and risk dialogues also contribute to this.


OOB status

As an OOB organization, it is important to raise internal control and audit approach to a higher level. In addition, it is also important to comply with legal quality assessments. This information is displayed in the OOB status.


Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management provides the opportunity to apply standardized forms of risk analyzes in order to better visualize the project portfolio of your housing corporation.


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Governance, Risk and Compliance for Housing Corporations

Control pressure, stricter legislation and an accumulation of supervisors increase the need for professionalization for housing associations. This concerns the professionalization of business operations, for which the Three Lines Model forms a very suitable basis for setting up the Risk Control Framework. Support management, business operations and internal audit with an integrated GRC solution for housing associations.

With the NARIS GRC® software, the complete operation of the Three Lines Model supported.

Demonstrable compliance with laws and regulations

Whether it concerns the Aedes Governance Code, MOV or other laws and regulations; the mandatory checks must be carried out within the housing corporation itself. GRC software supports these various processes, provides an integrated picture and gives insight into the actions that need to be taken.

One control as the basis

Different supervisors (AW, WSW, Aedes) cause overlapping laws & regulations, effectively doubling the workload. Therefore, efficiency and the burden of proof are two focal points that many housing corporation need. Optimal efficiency is promoted by establishing one control and then linking it to different standards. In this way, the burden of proof can also be collected by one control at the same time.

Getting started with soft controls

Involve the management of your housing corporation and easily collect information with questionnaires, self-assessments, a knowledge database and risk dialogues. Based on this information, immediate action can be taken and risk monitoring can be continued.

From rule-based to risk-based auditing

Connecting your audit planning to the strategy and strategic risks of your housing corporation is a very good move. Involve the organization in this process to then complete the PDCA cycle through the deployment and monitoring of the recommendations.

“The risk map works great! In the past, risk management was mainly about ticking off a list and done. Now it is negotiable. We act on the basis of four main objectives and eleven critical success factors. We let go of peripheral phenomena and focus on what is really important.”

Ietse Jongsma

Operations manager Residential concept

“It is often seen as just another little system that should help us work better. But actually you get the opposite through risk management. Not a system, but with awareness of what you are doing.”

Robèrt van der Wegen

Controller Tablis Living

“Their risk management software is part of our framework in which the risks for our organization are recorded. This allows us to keep a better grip on the risks and to bridge the gap between line and management.”

Martijn Busscher

Controller De Alliantie

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