Risk management in the food industry

Risk Management in the Food Industry: Paying Attention to Regulating Safety & Quality Processes is Essential. NARIS GRC® Offers a Helping Hand in this Regard and Provides Grip on Food Safety.



Risk Assessment

Involve the organization in processes by interactively assessing the probability and impact of the risks.


Audits & Inspections

Every moment of the day, all audit information is “one click away”.


Incident Management

Easy incident reporting through an app is the first step. Follow this up with enriching these reports and translating them into concrete improvement actions.


Risk Control

Through self-analysis, clarify which measures are and are not adequately followed and suggest improvements.



Demonstrate compliance with standards such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO9001, ISO22000, and ISO 45001. Then link documents to standards, regulations & laws.


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Get a Grip on Food Safety!

The food industry faces major challenges around food safety, hygiene codes, work safety, financial resilience, sustainability, cybersecurity and food trends. The focus on regular safety and quality processes requires choices. An integrated GRC solution offers a helping hand and provides a grip on food safety.

Accessible Regulations and Laws

Whether it is HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO22000, ISO45001 or other standards; the instructions to follow must be accessible to everyone. GRC software supports the process of applying laws and regulations within the organization and allows employees to get the right information in a central location.

Learning Through Self-Assessments

Quality assurance employees carry great responsibility within the food industry. To get a grip on food safety, periodic self-assessments are ideal. NARIS Next offers the ability to deploy standardized questionnaires within the organization. By issuing these at a regular pace, trends and risks can be identified and making early adjustments where necessary becomes possible.

Increase Reporting Culture

A minor deviation in a product or in its production can have major consequences. However, it is not a human trait to report issues. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to be able to discuss mistake and report them. The use of an app lowers the threshold to (possibly anonymously) report mistakes. By making these incidents discussable, risk awareness increases. As icing on the cake, an integrated report helps the entire organization learn from the reports.

Make Risk Assessments Fun

Food safety risk assessment is too often perceived as a boring task. With NARIS Next, you can start an interactive discussion about the probability x impact of standard risks in the food industry. By discussing the differences in perception, static around the risk is removed and a clear overview of the priority actions is created.

“Detailresult Groep N.V. (DRG), a family company, operates the Dirk and DekaMarkt formulas. They work day in and day out to make the lives of customers and each other a little more beautiful. By offering an affordable and sustainably produced range. To implement software-supported auditing, DRG started using NARIS Audit.”

Wilbert Kooiman

Operational Risk and Audit Manager

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