NARIS launches groundbreaking integral GRC software

Today, NARIS GRC announces the launch of their fully updated – and expanded – Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software.

Since its launch in 2002, hundreds of organizations now use our smart GRC solutions on a daily basis. With the launch of the updated software platform, NARIS offers a personal, smart and data-driven solution for taking risks with confidence.

Taking Risks Sensibly and With a bit of Courage

“With risk, organizations move forward,” says Robert ‘t Hart, professor for strategic risk management and GRC advocate. “The most innovative companies have a high risk appetite and take Governance, Risk & Compliance extremely seriously. Therefore, we see that sustainable organizations incorporate these three topics into integrated GRC software. NARIS’ all-in-one solution helps to take risks sensibly and with a healthy dose of courage. And with that, the times in which organizations struggled with different systems, such as Word documents and Excel sheets, is fortunately coming to an end. Thanks to a single system, simplicity is created for the 1st line, the organization is able to prove it’s in control through assessments & audits and the reports help the entire organization improve.”

NARIS GRC; a unique total solution

The updated NARIS GRC solution offers a unique and complete solution for a range of topics that are important within organizations. In the coming months, this set will continue to grow new solutions for:

  • Risk & Control Management:
    Integrate risk & process management for risk-based decision making.
  • Audit Management:
    Determine the quality of controls, share results, and improve.
  • Compliance Management & ISMS:
    Build or import risk control frameworks from laws & regulations and focus on increased cybersecurity risks and standards.
  • Incident & Claim Management:
    Get a grip on quality & safety by learning from mistakes or near-misses.

“We have worked hard over the past two years to launch our updated GRC platform, which was based on the feedback from our users,” said Erik van Marle, CEO of NARIS. “I am extremely proud that we have been able to create an integrated solution that allows organizations to get a grip on GRC. In doing so, we have focused on the personal, smart and data-driven aspects; this provides a growth path to a vibrant and mature GRC organization that, as a result, becomes more sustainable! With this, we enable organizations of any size to take informed risks. The dashboards, reports and our knowledge on how to harness data is unique in this regard!”

The Future of GRC in a Single Platform

In recent years GRC has continued to advance, playing an increasingly prominent role across the organization. NARIS also foresees similar growth in the coming years. “The introduction of the Three Lines Model has been gaining ground in recent years for good reason,” says ‘t Hart. “From the people on the shop floor to auditors, controllers, risk managers and the board – everyone has to deal with GRC. Corona has proven this to be true once again and we foresee that for the next decade further growth is inevitable!” Van Marle adds: “Topics such as the climate targets and the digitalization of society are drivers for organizations to reflect on GRC. We have worked out an ambitious roadmap for the coming years in which data intelligence and innovative applications are central. Take for example the rise of a topic like cybersecurity or the introduction of AI. Thanks to smart templates, functionalities and data, GRC tools will make life easier and provide the necessary grip. In doing so, it is our goal to continuously put people first and build an efficient solution. We want people to enjoy their work and be relieved of the additional workload of GRC. Even as the external and internal pressure around compliance increases.”

Dashboards and reports will be even more important in the future. “Unfortunately, companies don’t have a magic crystal ball,” says van Marle. “Still, we are able to generate smarter and smarter reports based on the data provided by our platform. According to the trends, I am convinced that the predictive power of a GRC platform will become increasingly important in this regard. In that case, the age-old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ will also increasingly apply to risks and errors.”


NARIS GRC is set on the mission to become the most personal, smart and data-driven GRC platform in Europe. No Risk, No Fun: that is the credo on which NARIS GRC has been operating for more than 20 years. Always with simplicity and user-friendliness at the forefront. With offices in the Netherlands and Germany, NARIS offers a modern GRC application to manage risks. Recently, the company was awarded by IIA as the #1 GRC supplier in the Netherlands.


In brief:

About the author
About the author

Robert 't Hart is director of NARIS. He is a frequent speaker at conferences because of his positive view on the subject of risk management. In addition, he is an enthusiastic blogger about the latest developments. Robert is a teacher at the University of Twente and The Hague University of Applied Sciences and he is also a trainer at the Naris Risk Academy. He is at home in the field of governance and risk management and helps organizations with the actual implementation thereof. Risk culture and creating support are part of his expertise.