Municipal Risk Management:
From Financial Risk Management to In-Control Statements for Annual Reports



Knowledge database

A knowledge database enables municipalities to collect information about current risks and controls in the areas of legality, information security and financial risks.


Scenario analysis / Monte Carlo simulations

The risk profile of municipalities can be calculated via a Monte Carlo simulation. This provides insight into the top risks and substantiates the required resistance capacity.


Interactive risk dialogue

By discussing the opportunities and impact of risks (online), support is created for the most important risks, per department or project.


Excel Imports

Import available Excel documents from existing - or older - analyses and risk & control frameworks to create an integrated risk & control view.


Control Dashboard

Use risk & control frameworks as a basis for information provision and thus make clear which departments are or are not in control. Use the best practices within your municipality to actively learn from strengths and weaknesses.


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Municipalities have a complex risk profile

Municipalities have a complex risk profile given the product variety within this political environment. Avoid clustered control and a culture of “a package for every law”. With NARIS GRC®, municipalities stimulate cooperation and create an integrated risk management approach.

Map out Your Risk Profile and Become More Risk Aware

Active involvement and information provision from within the own organization is often a time-consuming process

We help facilitate an efficient risk dialogue so that you can independently keep your organization’s risk profile up to date in order to be more risk aware as an organization.

In-Control Statement for Municipalities

A clear risk and control framework with respect to the financial processes in which the quality of the internal control is properly accounted for; that is the ultimate goal when talking about the road to an in-control statement.

As a municipality, this in-control statement is secured through standardization of audits, reuse of templates, controls and the deployment and monitoring of all recommendations.

Use Soft Controls to Get a Grip on Related Parties

The number of related parties and cooperation partners that municipalities have to deal with has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. Creating a motivating and stimulating environment is extremely important here.

To keep a grip on related parties, soft controls are one of the biggest success factors. With a risk analysis, the degree of supervision can be determined in order to ultimately determine the risk level of your organization with regards to related parties.

Complying With the BIO as a Municipality?

Information security and privacy are essential to municipal operations. Compliance with the BIO requires demonstrable control measures. This information can be retrieved from the organization thanks to CRSA, an incident app or standard risk control assessment.

“The employees of the municipality of Amsterdam are busy analyzing risks on a daily basis, consciously or unconsciously. Before the arrival of NARIS, there was not one way to do this. Talking about it was difficult. Now NARIS is the way.”

Niels den Das

Risk manager Municipality of Amsterdam

“We have gained a very good insight into the risks per project and there is also a complete risk register per project. The risk simulations are the basis for the calculation of the required resilience for the Land Company. resilience for the land company. ”

Michiel Somers

Risk manager Municipality of Arnhem

“We were looking for a program that offers the possibility to collect all documents, to archive them, but also to identify and run reports.”

Irene Brinkman

Financial advisor Municipality of Voorst

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