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Self-Retention Analysis

Create insight into the damage expenses that affect your own account and thereby achieve the optimum of what needs to be insured externally.


Property & Location Overview

Get an up-to-date status overview of the location and safety of properties.


Cause of Damage Analysis

Analyse causes and create insight into the potential for improvement to prevent future damage and keep employees healthy.


Financial Exposure of Insurable Risks

Determine the appropriate financial level of cover to avoid underinsurance.


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An Accident Can Happen at Any Time!

Settling accidents can cost a lot of energy. It is essential that liability and claims are handled with care. The more efficiently this is done, the lower the costs will be. NARIS GRC helps to maintain an overview and to adequately monitor the settlement. This creates independence from insurers or third parties.

Damage as an Opportunity for a Positive Image

Preventing damage is a priority for many organisations. However, this does not always work. Damage is extremely inconvenient, but it only becomes a problem if the damage is not properly resolved. However, therein lies a unique opportunity to present yourself positively as an organisation. NARIS GRC provides insight and proactive communication.

Independence of the Insurer

Transferring the entire administration to a broker or insurer increases dependence on these parties and makes alternative routes complex. With NARIS GRC there is no conflict of interest with financial parties. This enables you to always make the best choice for the financial solution you seek.

Adequate Supply Chain Management

In today’s society, dependence on other companies is growing. Insight into your supply chain is essential for guaranteeing continuity to your customers. NARIS GRC ensures that you have insight into the contracts with your suppliers. It provides insight into the risks and measures that you can expect from your suppliers to prevent delivery problems.

All Insurance Policies in one Location

Are all of the organisation’s assets and liabilities properly and completely covered? Insight into the insurance policies is essential to answer this question from administrators. NARIS GRC provides this insight and helps to keep these policies continuously up to date. In addition, agreements with insurers can be recorded so that nothing falls between two stools.

Frequently Asked Questions

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NARIS GRC is very versatile, but many organizations want to introduce it step by step. That is why we facilitate this easily. You can use and configure those parts of the software that you need at that moment. Together we can determine what is most valuable in the beginning and what the growth path is. We are happy to help you with this, so please contact us for the possibilities.

Life is like a box of chocolates. We are happy to help you make the right choice. You can opt for a version that helps you leave Excel behind and take the first steps in professionalization, but if your organization has already come a long way and you want to do everything yourself, that is also possible, so please contact us for more information. possibilities.

If you want, you can set up the environment yourself. The software guides you through this. You can go through a wizard that prepares your device. After that it’s just a matter of starting. You can click Help anywhere in the software and you will be helped on that part with extensive help texts and videos that show you step by step what to do. Do you want us to guide you? That too is possible. We not only help with the design of the software and best practices, but also with consultancy work. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Many software suppliers of GRC software “lean” on the certifications of their hosting party, we also want to be safe ourselves. That is why we have been ISO 27001 certified since 2016. Isn’t that what you expect from your GRC supplier?!

Yes. We have many references and we would like to put you in touch with them. But it is not only important to get to know other organizations in the beginning, it is also good to learn from each other in user groups while using the software. In addition, we have been known for years as the party that shares knowledge! Have a look here


Try it yourself for 30 days free of charge, no strings attached