Risk management for the government



Risk register with knowledge database

Quick start with current risks and controls so.h.g.v. legality, information security and financial risks for any kind of local government.


Scenario analysis/ Monte Carlo simulations

The risk profile is calculated using a Monte Carlo simulation. This provides insight into the top risks and substantiates the required resistance capacity.


VIC information

Every moment of the day, all audit information is “one click away”.


Control Dashboard 

Use risk & control frameworks as the basis for information facilities to make it clear which departments are or are not in control. Actively learn from best practices within the local government.


Interactive risk dialogue

Support for the most important risks per department or project is created by discussing risks with each other (online), supplementing them and estimating chance & impact.


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In control of major issues

The local government operates as the first government and has to deal with major issues such as the corona crisis, sustainability, climate and demographic developments. This requires good cooperation between complex networks. The AB, DB and the organization demonstrably act lawfully and they are forced to properly document the burden of proof regarding risk management. 

Resilience and risk reserve

Substantiating the risk reserve is often a difficult process. To avoid discussions, it is recommended to align with a standard approach of municipalities. Acreate shareholders often using a standard paragraph resistivity with a Monte Carlo simulation of the risks. 

Steps to legality statement

Legality is a lot about risk and the capture of existing control measures. Many organizations see the statement of legality as an opportunity to improve the business of the organization professionalize. Use a best practice risk en control framework of risk and controlframework regarding from main processn.

Comply with legislation and regulations / framework of standards

Information security and privacy are vulnerable components for the local government. Meeting the BIO requires therefore for demonstrable control measures. This information can be retrieved from the organization thanks to CRSA, an incidents app or standard risk control assessment. < /span>

Monitoring findings -recommendations

From external supervisors or by VICs Findings and recommendations are made. A possible gevaar of this is that these will remain. Monitoring of all recommendations requires careful process and recording.

More about risk-dialogue >

being risk aware

The conversation about risks is a important control measure. Organizing and Facilitating a risk dialogue is quite difficult in practice. We help you with a good structure, but also with our risk acceleration room where participants the opportunity< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW73450514 BCX4">en and impact of certain risks estimate. 

“The risk map works great! In the past, risk management was mainly about ticking off a list and done. Now it is negotiable. We act on the basis of four main objectives and eleven critical success factors. We let go of peripheral phenomena and focus on what is really important.”

Ietse Jongsma

Manager of business operations Woonconcept

“It is often seen as just another little system that should help us work better. But actually you get the opposite through risk management. Not a system, but with awareness of what you are doing.”

Robèrt van der Wegen

Controller Tablis Wonen

“Their risk management software is part of our framework in which the risks for our organization are recorded. This allows us to keep a better grip on the risks and to bridge the gap between line and management.”

Martijn Busscher

Controller De Alliantie

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