Complete the Deming Cycle.
Plan and Do Still Work, what now?


Make a plan and ensure the problem is clear. In this step you also check whether the current situation is clearly defined.


In this step your organization executes the plans. During the execution you register the relevant data so that hypotheses are challenged.


Improve processes and make adjustments based on the data analysis and errors made. The measures taken ultimately ensure that the originally planned result is achieved.


Are the expected results actually being realized? Evaluate the collected data and make sure there is room to learn from your mistakes so that your organization continuously develops and improves itself.

Create an Integrated View of all Key Controls

By completing the PDCA cycle, you can prevent the same mistakes from being made. It is precisely in the last two steps, check & act, that a safe environment must be created. Creating an integrated picture of all key controls for all departments or processes is helpful here. This will show you what works and which areas really require attention. All these things are very important for the organization’s long-term success.

Three Lines Model


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Complete the Deming Cycle

In the planning phase you determine a strategy and drive towards performance. Make performance measurable with KPI or CSF. With the strategy card of Naris Next you create a steering instrument for the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT steps towards quality improvement. From strategy to monitoring recommendations.

Check Key Controls

By working risk-based, the focus remains on what really matters. With Naris Next, you can quickly present an integral picture of how controls work in all processes and departments. This picture provides input for making adjustments, if necessary.

Learning by Combining Recommendations / Near Misses and Errors

Besides proactively detecting deviations with internal audits, incidents are a valuable source of information. After all, these process deviations are real-time information for quality improvement. With the Naris Next incidents app, incidents become visible so you can link them directly to processes and departments.


Try it yourself for 30 days free of charge, no strings attached

Inspiration around PDCA cycle.

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