Risk management is more than the introduction of a tool! Our approach goes further


80% of the risks are caused by human actions. Increasing risk awareness = risk management.


This is about how we do things, how we improve the different risk and control processes and how we achieve synergy.


Technology should support the process and help the organization to be demonstrably in control in accordance with the 3 Lines Model.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is typically a term that everyone has an idea of. Managing risks will probably have something to do with:

a) mapping risks.
b) shaping risks to your liking.
c) ultimately reducing risks.

Or is it different? Yes, because how it can ultimately contribute to a better strategy for your organization is still often unknown. That’s why this page.

Three Lines Model


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Link risks to the strategy

Zonder risk appetite, geen strategie én geen risico’s. Dankzij de risicostrategie kaart van NARIS GRC zijn risico’s en controls te koppelen aan de strategie van jouw organisatie. Hierdoor wordt risicomanagement een integraal onderdeel van de sturing en ‘geen lijstje, om het lijstje’. 

Drie stappen om eenvoudig je Risk Appetite vast te stellen >

Bepaal gezamenlijk de belangrijkste risico’s


The joint discussion of risks and underlying perception differences ensures support towards a final top 10. With Naris GRC allows employees to participate in a risk dialogue. For example, people can chat about the risks, add causes and ultimately vote on probability x impact.

How to conduct-a-good-risk dialogue?
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Building knowledge base of risk and controls

With one control you can several risks are covered. It is therefore important to carefully describe risks and controls. This avoids a chaos of risk descriptions that are basically the same. Thanks to Naris Next a risk is only entered once and from department-specific information provided. 


Try it yourself for 30 days free of charge, no strings attached

Inspiration around risk management.

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