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Low-threshold risk management


Meet what wants to be satisfied


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Take risks with confidence.

Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat ambities alleen te realiseren zijn door risico’s te nemen. Door een volwassen proces, technologie en risicobewuste medewerkers ontstaat vertrouwen in de organisatie.

NARIS GRC® zorgt ervoor dat iedereen een risicomanager wordt.  Dankzij het meest menselijke, slimme en datagedreven GRC-platform nemen duizenden professionals dagelijks risico’s met vertrouwen. Dit doen zij door:


Strategie & Prestatie Management

Koppel risico’s en key controls direct aan de strategie en sturing. Lees meer >


Risk & Control Management

Integreer risico- en procesmanagement en creëer overzicht en informatie voor een risico-gebaseerde besluitvorming. Lees meer >


Audit Management

Signaleer en adresseer de belangrijkste risico’s plus monitor de aanbevelingen. Lees meer >


Compliance Management & ISMS

Build or import risk controls framework from legislation & regulations and monitor. Read more >


Incident & Claim Management

Get a grip on quality & safety by learning from mistakes or near misses. Read more >


Contract & Verzekeringsmanagement

Bring contract and insurance information together in one overview. Read more >

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Laat zien dat je in control bent

Set up your organization in such a way that you can demonstrate to the outside world – but also internally – that you have things under control. Do this via the global standard such as the Three Lines Model (3LM) or implement other Risk Management Models.

All about the 10 risk management models &gt ;

Learn from mistakes and near misses

Did you know that people make an average of 5 mistakes a day? That doesn’t have to be a problem, as long as you learn from mistakes. Learning from mistakes requires a process and a good culture. Facilitate this process and transform from a culture of accountability to a learning organization.

Read more about Incident Management >

Strategy & risks at a glance

Linking risk to strategy & performance demands COSO. With our risk strategy map you translate thick policy documents and the risk profile into one visual overview. This is the foundation for risk management.

Associate risk with strategy & steering >

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