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Module: Compliance

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Type Webbased
Ondersteunde standaarden COSO, RISMAN, ISO 31000

Supervising and managing compliance

The organisation must comply with large amounts of legislation and regulation and that is your responsibility, which is complex. You are acutely aware of all legislation, and NEN and ISO norms, but ascertaining to what degree your organisation complies with them is another story. You need to maintain an overview, stay in control and manage compliance. Ultimately, you need to be able to demonstrate that the organisation’s operations are legally sound. But how?

Comply or explain

You need an overview, preferably in a system that includes all standards automatically. You add status indicators per norm and targets and also need to determine who needs to do what to achieve those targets. You want to ascertain directly if non-compliance is an issue and quickly create reports for regulators and management.

Comply with what you want to comply with

NARIS® Compliance ensures you keep control. The software identifies all standards, legislation and regulation and enables proactive command and control. You define targets per norm yourself and generate clear reports with the click of a button.

Thanks to the link with NARIS® Risk, you can directly include a risk – as the organisation is not in compliance with any legislation and regulation – and link this to management measures. You can also link standards to objectives using NARIS® Strategy. That reveals directly which legislation and regulation must have the priority, or why choices have been made to take risk and not meet certain standards.