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Module: Self-assessment

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Ondersteunde standaarden COSO, RISMAN, ISO 31000

Self-assessment: identifying risk factors

Risk management requires predictions about possible future events. You don’t have a crystal ball, but you are held responsible if something happens. “Shouldn’t we have seen that coming?” Proper risk analysis requires input from the organisation, but talking to everybody separately costs far too much time.

Fast, easy, efficient

Using NARIS® Self-Assessment, you will obtain the information you need from the organisation. Online questionnaires make it easy for your colleagues to provide input quickly, easily and efficiently. By examining factors that could form a threat to feasibility, security or to other factors, you gain insight into risk indicators, even in complex situations.

The risk profiles of (political) objectives, projects, affiliated parties or subsidised bodies become clearer and you can see at a glance which areas require attention. With a link to NARIS® Risk, you can quantify risks directly. You can also establish links between the objectives via NARIS® Strategy.

Work faster with our standard questionnaire

NARIS GRC® is a platform, which participating organisations can contribute to. They can also benefit from the experience and knowledge of other organisations. Knowledge of participating organisations is made available in the system with their permission. This means there are now standard questionnaires available, which cover suppliers, collaborating partners, projects, departments, fraud and governance. This drastically reduces the processing times of obtaining information and increases the quality of that information.